About Us

NOVI Nutrients’ Nutrisoil AD is formed as part of an anaerobic digestion process at the Fremont Community Digester (FCD) located in Fremont, MI. FCD is the first commercial-scale anaerobic digester in the U.S., owned in partnership with North Central Cooperative Company (North Central Co-op) and INDUS Energy, an investment group. FCD utilizes a mature European technology design that has been proven effective for processing organic materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Feedstock material is delivered by truck to pre-storage tanks and then mixed into the digesters in the desired proportions. The plant includes a pre-treatment system with equipment that unloads feedstock from truck containers. FCD owns and operates its own fleet of delivery trucks that can pick up from customers and transport feedstock from the West Michigan region to our facility in Newaygo County, about 30 miles north of Grand Rapids. FCD has signed feedstock supply contracts with Fremont-based Gerber Products Company and several other major regional food processors and agricultural businesses. FCD also has a Certified Destruction Program in which it can take whole pallets of waste packaged goods containing products such as milk, yogurt, ice cream, syrups and flavoring agents, among others, shred and recycle the plastic and cardboard products and consume the waste liquids in its digestion process.


The Fremont Community Digester is located in the Fremont Industrial Park:
1634 Locust St.
Fremont, MI 49412
(231) 924-3211
(231) 924-3213 (fax)

For more information on the Fremont Community Digester project, please visit the FCD website at www.fcdbiogas.com